08.30 Registration Welcome Coffee
09.00 Prof. Paul Knochel, LMU Munich
«Cobalt-Catalyzed C-C and C-N Couplings using Polyfunctional Organozinc Reagents»
09.45 Prof. Bert Klein Gebbink, Utrecht University
«Bio-inspired Homogeneous Catalysis: Non-Noble Metals on the Move»
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Dr. Tomas Smejkal, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
«Sustainable transition metal catalysis for the synthesis of agrochemicals»
11.45 Dr. Stephan Bachmann, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
«Applications of Non-Noble Metal Catalysts in the Synthesis of APIs and Their Intermediates»
12.30 Lunch
Poster Session
14.30 Prof. Miquel Costas, University of Girona
«Pursuing Selectivity in Biologically Inspired C-H Oxidation Reactions»
15.15 Prof. Jeremy Harvey, University of Leuven
16.00 Prof. Deborah Kays, University of Nottingham
«Catalysis Using Highly Unsaturated Transition Metal Complexes»
16.45 Closing Remark
End of the symposium